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Developing an Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme for plastic and packaging wastes in the Maldives


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Every year, the Maldives generates nearly 25,000 tons of plastic waste, and, due to poor waste management practices, as much as a third of it ends up in our coastal areas. With support from UNDP’s Ocean Innovation Challenge, we will be helping the Maldives to put in place a national Extended Producer Responsibility framework that will help the Maldives to close the loop on plastics wastes to reduce ocean pollution. 

EPR Manual

Unlock the potential for positive change in our planet’s most beautiful and vulnerable regions! Dive into our comprehensive document that outlines the blueprint for implementing an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme in Small Island Developing States.

Funded through UNDP's Ocean Innovation Challenge

The Ocean Innovation Challenge (OIC) is a unique new mechanism that has been designed to accelerate progress on SDG14 by identifying, financing, advising and mentoring truly innovative, entrepreneurial and creative approaches to ocean and coastal restoration and protection that sustains livelihoods and advances the ‘blue economy’.

The OIC seeks innovations that are transferable, replicable and scalable in order to achieve maximum catalytic impact.

Knowledge Hub

Through the project lifecycle, the team will compile and publish information regarding Extended Producer Responsibility and how it could be applied in the Maldives and other SIDS countries. The aim is to transfer as much knowledge and insights gained through the process as much as possible. 

EPR Best Practice Examples – India

EPR Best Practice Examples – India

Overview Characteristics EPR form Competitive EPR system Scope of material included E-Waste and Plastic Packaging Costs for producers Differing depending on state, chosen model and PRO Special Features Three different EPR models suggested: Model 1: Fee-based Model 2:...

Extender Producer Responsibility – An Introduction

Extender Producer Responsibility – An Introduction

Although the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) has received increased attention in the Maldivian context only in the last year, it is by no means a new concept. The recycling markets that existed in the 1980s, especially for high-value plastic...

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Project Partners

adelphi is the lead consultant on this project while Zero Waste Maldives is the local consultant. UNDP country office in the Maldives along with the Government of Maldives and it’s Environment, Climate Change and Technology Ministry are the key project partners.


International Project Partner

Zero Waste Maldives

Local Project Partner

UNDP Maldives Country Office

Project Support Partner

Government of Maldives

Project Partner

Project Team

Paolo Facco

Paolo Facco

Senior Advisor

Evita Hegmann

Evita Hegmann

Project Coordinator

Ahmed Afrah Ismail

Ahmed Afrah Ismail

Local Waste Management Consultant

Ibrahim Miflal Fayaz

Ibrahim Miflal Fayaz

Environmental Consultant

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