Limited Edition

Einaal Ibrahim Rasheed

Art was the first medium of study or play I’ve been introduced to. I started off art at an early age, playing with crayons. Only in nursery was I introduced to water color which I soon started to develop a love for. Later on when I started my studies at Ghiyasuddin I was introduced to modern art, which I’m still exploring and discovering many aspects of.

This collection ‘Nostalgia’ Is a collaboration with Zero Waste Maldives where I was given the opportunity to do any form of art I wanted and since it was 2020, the year of the lockdown, I didn’t focus on one form and explored many varieties and techniques.

Fast forward to today, My art style, and the techniques I use has changed alot from when I worked on the art for this collection, and I’d like to believe I improved and still am improving as the days go by. Nowadays I usually work digitally, but I still do work with acrylics and watercolor.

My creative process is mostly spontaneous, And I usually gain Inspiration from aspects of my imagination and some few times from the songs and the vibe I have surrounding me. Most of my art pieces gain inspiration from something that exists in my imagination or in real life.

My hopes for the future include mostly being able to explore more aspects of art itself, and to widen my range in it. Some mediums I would love to try out are clay and resin, both being extremely interesting for me. And also to hopefully improve my art even more drastically, as well as to be even more confident in the work I do.

I would also like to thank Zerowaste for giving me this huge opportunity to showcase my art. Opportunities like this are also very empowering to the young generation by letting people celebrate talent that the younger generation hold.